Name Chairs Description
Agriculture/Conservation Committee
Brockmeyer, Richard
The Agriculture/Conservation Committee looks at ways to foster closer rural-urban relationships, develops knowledge and public support of conservation of natural resources, and promotes sound agricultural and conservation practices. The committee also coordinates Kiwanis Club participation in and support of the Napa 4-H livestock sales at the annual Town and Country Fair.
Bell Ringing Committee
Gregg, Anna
The committee is responsible setting up shifts and for arranging for volunteers to ring the bell for the Salvation Army between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Additionally, the committee collects donations from members at a club meeting.
Board of Directors & Officers
Hock, Michelle
The Board of Directors and Officers meet the first Thursday of each month during the term. Term duration is 12 months from October 1st to September 30th. Conference room and agenda's are coordinated by Executive Board. Meeting Location: Gasser Foundation Conference Room Meeting Date: 1st Thursday of the Month Meeting Time: 5:30PM to 7:00PM
Brother Can You Spare a Dime Committee
Gregory, Ryan
Brother Can You Spare A Dime takes groups of special and deserving youngsters, senior citizens, and the general public to San Francisco Giants baseball games. This involves coordinating with the San Francisco Giants organization to schedule dates and obtain tickets, as well as scheduling and providing transportation to and from the games.
Chamberlain High School Adoption Committee
Leveque, Sandra
This committee organizes several events throughout the year in collaboration with Chamberlain High School. Some are getting Chamberlain to provide assistance to the club such as making the decorations for the Crab Feed, and helping with Friends of the Library. Students will also help with other projects as requested (such as when a playground had to be torn down and re-done.) The club also takes Chamberlain to the fishing trip once a year, supports the students in the annual Holiday (Christmas) Boutique, as well as providing scholarships to graduating students.
Crab Feed Committee
Orchid, Waunice
Wyman, Mindy
This committee puts together our biggest annual fundraiser on the first Saturday night each February. We sell tickets, sponsorship's, organize live and silent auction items, dessert auction, raffle tickets, bar service, entertainment, etc. for the event held at the Napa Expo.
Elections Committees
O'Byrne, Bill
Elections Committee shall prepare, distribute, collect and count ballots.
Eliminate Project
Grant, Ryan
The Eliminate Project, Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus—a deadly disease that steals the lives of 34,000 innocent babies and a significant number of women each year. KI requested and reached the fundraising goal of raising US$110 million in cash and pledges since 2010. However, our job, The Kiwanis Club of Napa is not done yet. We make a pledge to contribute $100,000 total. We have contributed over $65,000 to date, and we are in year 3 of our pledge. We are determined to finish what we started. Our dedicated Eliminate Project volunteers are raffling off the $2,500 French Laundry dinner for two for $100 raffle tickets in an effort to sell 200 this year and the next two years. The club goal is complete our pledge by September 2019.
Executive Board of Officers
Hock, Michelle
Members consist of the Board Officers: President, Pres-Elect., Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer
Fundraiser Committee
Wyman, Mindy
The goal of the Fundraiser Committee is to organize events and set up committees to raise funds for our Kiwanis Club and Foundation. The funds are raised through ticket sales. The committee chairs will work with members as to assigning their roles in organizing the event, ticket sales and acquiring donations and corporate sponsors.
Grad Nite Committee
Jacobson, Rich
The "Grad Nite" Committee is dedicated to providing an all-night event that allows high school seniors to celebrate graduation in a safe and sober environment. This involves organizing presenters and performers at the event, and recruiting volunteers to participate in the event.
Grant Committee
Carr, Frank
The Grant Committee has designed a Grant Application to facilitate a simpler and more efficient grant-seeking and grant-making process. The intent is to help nonprofit grant seekers invest time on developing a relationship with KCN and not on formatting. The intent is not to encourage mass submissions of proposals. It is important that each submission demonstrate the strategic link between the grant seeker’s proposal and the mission of Kiwanis Club of Napa. The Grant Committee reviews all application request for funds, organizes and submits an organized report to the board for review, approval, which will then be reviewed for board term budget. Applications are due no later then July 31st, reviewed in August. Current and incoming Club Board reviews the committee report and incorporates amounts into a proposed budget. Grant Committee provides a response to all applicants.
Holiday Families Committee
Fehring, Ken
Carriker, Lynn
Through the local Salvation Army there are two to three community families identified to receive gifts created by the committee and delivered to support them during the holiday season.
Holiday Parades Committee
Cadloni, Jill
The Kiwanis Club of Napa sponsors the annual downtown Christmas Parade on the Saturday after Thanksgiving each year. Our club hosts the event as the sponsor of the parade and we have a float in the parade. Our club provides 3 judges for the parade, the emcees for the parade, and all volunteers for the event. Additionally, we provide a float for the annual 4th of July parade.
House Duties Committee
Quinn, Mike
The House Duties Committee is responsible for the meeting setup, the greeting area, and the meeting. This includes getting the necessary equipment out of the locked cabinets, putting out the club banners/awards prior to the meetings, and setting up the podium for the Kiwanis President and any necessary equipment (laptop, screen, etc.) requested by the speaker. Also included in this committee is the 50/50 Raffle and setting up the greeters schedule.
Interclub/DCM Committee
Garaventa, Patty
The committee chair arranges “Inter Club visits” with other clubs in Napa and Solano counties. Members of our club would attend other club’s meetings and vice versa with the intent to get to know fellow Kiwanians in other areas.
Investment Committee
Jacobson, Rich
The Investment Committee would work towards the goal of $600,000 in investments allowing interest of $20, 000 for scholarship funds.
Key Clubs Committee
Fehring, Ken
Gregg, Anna
The committee oversees Key Clubs at Napa and Justin Sienna High Schools. It coordinates with the schools that provide a meeting location and faculty advisor, and assists with the operation of the clubs.
Kiwanis Ball Park
Carr, Frank
The Kiwanis Club of Napa in partnership with the City of Napa built "Kiwanis Park". The park is located on Coombs Street, south of downtown and is currently used by the Napa Girls Fast Pitch Softball Organization. Our Club provides annual financial assistance to maintain and improve the softball park. Recently the Club Members, City of Napa Parks & Rec along with the Community came together to help construct the new Concession and Storage building. The Club has opportunities to help out with maintenance and future upgrades. Check out the website for the 2017 schedule: How about Facebook: Great organization and great opportunities to get involved. Check it out and support Kiwanis Park.
Kiwanis Family House Liaison
Estin, Ed
Provide communication and updates from Kiwanis FamilyHouse
Membership/Orientation Committee
Cadloni, Jill
The Membership Committee monitors all aspects of membership; including invitations, PR, retention and education – bringing in new members, teaching them about Kiwanis (new member orientation) and then ensuring that the member experience meets everyone’s expectations.
Newsletter/Bulletin Committee
Jett, Maureen Y
The Newsletter Committee is responsible for providing a monthly newsletter to provide Kiwanis Club of Napa members with relevant information and important scheduled events, as well as information about Kiwanis Club members themselves. This involves soliciting stories, researching upcoming club events, coordinating with the president and board members, formatting the newsletter, and transmitting it to members.
Nominating Committee
Jones, Jim
Nominating Committee is responsible for considering every member for Board membership and the determination of the incoming Vice President.
Playground Committee
Roberts, Jim
This committee is the highlight of our club. Our club has built 66 playgrounds and counting. We work together with the Napa Valley Unified School District, the City of Napa Parks and Recreation Department, and private and non-profit organizations to identify schools or parks where playgrounds are in need of replacement or new installation, and then work to lay out the plan. Our club schedules the volunteers to build the playground along with help from the organization. We have a great relationship with Landscape Structures, who is a joint partnership with Kiwanis International and their local representatives make every playground a success.
Reading Celebration Committee
Gregg, Anna
The Napa County Library holds a party on the last Tuesday in July to reward youngsters who have participated in their summer reading program. The committee chair acts as the go-between between the library and the club. The chair solicits Kiwanis volunteers to work the day of the event, and on the day of the event at the direction of library personnel, the chair sets up the refreshment and rewards tables and assists volunteers.
Safeway Open
Hafenstein, Lance
This committee organizes concessions volunteers on the golf course during the Safeway Open Golf Tournament that takes place in October.
Scholarship Committee
Gregg, Anna
The committee reviews the amount of money awarded annually by the board, and then recommends how this money will be allocated. This includes naming memorial scholarships, determining the amounts of specific scholarships, and the criteria for them to be awarded.
School Supplies Committee
Adams, Melinda
The goal of this committee is to identify the top 3-5 most needy elementary schools in Napa, and provide support either through monetary donations and/or purchasing and donating school supplies needed by each school.
Service Club Road Signs Committee
Carr, Frank
"Welcome to Napa" Service Club Signage - Back in the 1950's and 60's our Club arranged for Highway Signage Structures to be constructed at both southern entrances to the City of Napa. Between the City of Napa, PG&E, and Pacific Bell Telephone, and the Kiwanis Club of Napa the "Welcome to Napa" signs were built to advertise and promote the many local service clubs. Currently the Club maintains these billboards for the display of emblems only of service clubs and organizations located in the City of Napa. The Committee facilitates applications for billboard space, maintains club emblems in good condition, and request annual maintenance dues from service clubs.
Social Committee
Vanderhurst, Jaye
The social committee is responsible for planning and coordinating social activities such as weekly meeting celebrations for (Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Christmas, etc.) for the benefit of the Kiwanis Club of Napa. The social committee also assists in coordinating the annual Installation Dinner for the incoming Club President.
Social Media Committee
Luros, Mary
This committee is responsible for sharing stories about the Kiwanis Club of Napa with the Napa community, and providing marketing on social media. The committee organizes publicity efforts on behalf of Kiwanis, manages news releases and blog posts, and helps coordinate social media posts on behalf of the club.
Speaker Committee
Hafenstein, Lance
Controlling and setting speakers
Special Needs Events Committee
Leveque, Sandra
This committee coordinates trips that the Kiwanis Club of Napa supports for special education students in the local schools. We pay for transportation and the cost of the event, and generally provide four events per year. Past events have included a trip to Bodega Bay, a bowling trip, and a barbeque.
Sunshine/Phone Tree
Vanderhurst, Jaye
Sunshine Committee sends cards to members for significant events, more consistently birthdays and illnesses, and flowers in certain circumstances. Cards are signed by Kiwanis Board of Directors. Phone Tree is responsible for reaching out to Club members who have missed multiple meetings.
TAAP Committee
Gregg, Anna
TAAP is Teens Assisting the Aging Population. This committee is responsible for organizing a monthly TAAP session at the Senior Center. The Committee arranges the days and time with the Senior Center and coordinates with Chamberlain students to assist with the program. TAAP provides one-on-one help from a high school student to an aging adult with questions about the adult’s portable electronic devices.
The 4th of July Committee
Morales, Julie
This committee works together with the City of Napa, Parks and Recreation Department to provide beverage service at the City’s annual event on July 4th. We line up several volunteers who all must be RBS (Responsible Beverage Service) trained to work 2-4 different beer and wine booths during the event.
The Table Committee
Richmond, Mark
We serve dinner for the poor and indigent at The Table on the last Thursday of the month when there are five Thursdays in that month. The committee is responsible for purchasing and preparing the food, and then serving it. The chair solicits volunteers to work one of two shifts.
Website Committee
Zajas, Jeff
Administrators of Club website with updates for speakers, calendar events, community events. Provide a direct contact with Website Services provided by Portal Buzz. Help members understand how to utilize the website especially organizing committee reports. This committee can consist of two members to help support and keep the members informed.